Back to the Basics

house-soldJust like my blog’s subhead, I started in the middle of the story of our move. So let’s go back a couple of months, which will help frame the rest of my story.

S.O. made a major career coup last spring, and headed to D.C. by himself to start on his adventure. (More on that portion of the transition later.) I stayed back in the Midwest to get everyone acclimated to the idea of a move, and to actually make the move several months later. What a colossal, Herculean effort, if I don’t say so myself. Here’s what I did in 3 months:

  • Worked full time.
  • Prepared one child for her last year of college; graduated another child from high school and prepared her for her first year of college.
  • Cleaned out our 2,000-square-foot home of 14 years for sale. So many rounds of cleaning (thanks, dear Ann, for the use of your shop vac!) that I lost count. At least 8 trips to Salvation Army with bags of donations. Multiple donation pickups. More cleaning, and hours of winnowing everything from clothing to paint cans, Halloween decorations to crusty suitcases. Ew. Thank God I didn’t find any long-dead animals.
  • Put said house on the market. Dozens of showings, which means dozens of crappy fast-food dinners during showings. Luckily, I had great real estate agents.
  • Hired movers.
  • Got movers to the correct house we’re renting in the Northwest section of D.C. Driver of said ENORMOUS van containing all of our (much-reduced) possessions got only one $30 parking ticket! Magnifique!

And none of this covers containing the emotional traumas that come with a major move. We were leaving the only home either child remembers — the physical home, neighborhoods, friends, memories all wrapped up in that one address — for something neither one of them asked for, nor wanted, really.

I get exhausted all over just reading that. How do families in the military do this every few years?!

Sooooooo ….

Most of that is behind us now. We’ve been in our lovely, cozy, convenient, exciting rental for almost FOUR months. We’re resolute about exploring every neighborhood of D.C. Since the Mid-Atlantic weather seems to be cooperating with our endeavor we probably will walk through every city neighborhood before a year is up, and then will move on to other nearby regions or tackle more museums, arboretums, parks or galleries. (Any suggestions for off-the-beaten-track attractions are most welcomed; I just went to the glorious National Museum of Women in the Arts and was completely blown away by their staff and collection.)



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