Sign of the Season

lost-in-transitions-snowIt’s cold and it snowed. Being the second week of December, of course it is. But this isn’t the Midwest, it’s not the Northeast, it’s not mountainous terrain. It’s the Mid-Atlantic and snow doesn’t happen here very often. Nor does it stick around very long. And this snow is no different. The sun came out today, a Sunday, and things got melty, making all the brown and gray leaves that never got raked (OK, the leaves in my yard) all mushy and slippery. But it was beautiful while it lasted. Intricate, sharp-edged flakes coming down in clumps, staying on our mittens long enough for us to marvel at each shape.

Here’s the best news ever: No shovel needed. We had four (4!) shovels before we moved, plus a snowblower and several brooms. But I sold the snowblower, and donated or left on our tree lawn three of those shovels, so now there is one lonely snow mover. I hope to never use it again, to be honest. Nice to have it, but let’s just not ever need it. Another of what I call a “release moment”: A release to not worry about clearing a giant, long, double-wide driveway, our front sidewalk — maybe even our neighbors’ sidewalks.

The shock of sheets of frigid snow blowing back into your face and down the neck of your jacket as you clear it off your driveway.

The back-breaking hoisting of piles of hard boulders left by the plows at the base of your driveway. (Thank you, plow drivers, for clearing the streets. But come back and get this crap at the end of my driveway!)

Getting up and outside at 6 a.m. to clear a path wide enough to get the kids to school and yourself to work — and pray that each community or city on your commute has made a strong budgetary commitment to enough salt to last the winter.

THIS is among the reasons I’m OK with leaving the Midwest where I grew up, where I lived for decades, where I raised my family. I know I haven’t lived through a D.C. summer in decades as well, but the fall was FINE, and so far, the winter has been even more fine. I could live with this. In fact, I could handle these swings in temperatures from the upper 30s to mid-60s for months if I have to, as long as I don’t have to put up with slushy gray streets and tundra-like cold until April. Hallelujah, it’s warmish and it’s almost Christmas!





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