Finding D.C. Color as Winter Solstice Approaches

cat-adams-morgan-lost-in-transitionsLooks like we’re over the bright, crisp, sunny autumn days and heading into the deep gray, cold days of late December, January and February.  (In fact, Thursday is the winter solstice. Vox offers seven things you should know about the shortest day of the year, including that D.C. will get only about nine hours of sunlight Thursday.)

The city I came from is known for its gloomy winter weather: 68 days of heavy cloud cover for the winter, according to this ranking. That’s a lot of days of gray. But D.C. consistently ranks for gray days, too. The Washington Post says it makes the top 25 dreariest U.S. cities during winter.

So, to cheer myself up when and where I can, I look for colors that make me happy. The completely content cat in the photo above caught my eye, along with the red forks of that great bike and the bright blue paint on the Adams-Morgan bike shop. I just happened to be passing by, and the cat was none too pleased that I was disturbing her nap.

My photo leaves a lot to be desired; I never claim to be a professional. So in the spirit of sharing during Hanukkah and Christmas, take some time to check out these wonderful examples of really good colors across the District of Columbia.

  • One Photograph a Day gives me hope that all is not lost for my own skills. Each photo on this blog is like a mini masterpiece, and each one very likely has a big story behind it. Take your time to look at them all.
  • Get some photography and studio/gallery news with great photos (black and white too, if that’s your thing) on exposeddc.
  • I Hit The Button offers photos from many U.S. cities, the photos from D.C. will make you want to get on the Metro and see spots you’ve never visited. Or just dream about visiting them until it gets a little warmer in April.
  • Longtime blogger Drew Schneider of Petworth News has a great collection of colorful, fun neighborhood photos on his Instagram account. Thanks, Drew, for bringing some color to our day and smile to my face.
  • Get a little style guidance with the great photos of D.C. from lifestyle blogger District of Chic. 
  • Yes, of course, there is a Humans of D.C. blog. See the photos, read the stories and smile.

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